SAP® Implementation

Implementing SAP® can be a massive undertaking requiring changes to many business processes across the organization. These changes are time-consuming and sometimes painful to adopt which will improve communication and leverage the full value of company data and information.

SAP® Integration

Companies often end up with a conglomeration of applications and data services on-premise and in the cloud. SEAL provides SAP® integration solutions to take the jumble of data streams and applications and unify them to work together. SAP® Integration solutions lower friction between applications, increase the agility, responsiveness and extensibility of the client’s SAP® investments.

Business Case Building

Our Business Case Building service is similar to assessment, but in a proactive manner. For some of our clients, securing funding approvals for projects can be a difficult task. SEAL Consulting helps in developing a business case that demonstrates the need and ROI of implementing and approving a project.

Application Management Services (AMS)

Maintaining the optimal power of SAP® software requires some companies to employ in-house experts to manage their systems. Our clients rely on SEAL to implement, maintain and operate their SAP® systems to keep their systems running at full speed and error-free at a significantly reduced cost than on-site resources.

Assessment Services

Companies often require SAP® experts to gauge exactly what is needed to accomplish certain business goals. In most cases, they don't have the resources to complete a detailed assessment or craft comprehensive specifications and requirements. SEAL's experienced SAP® experts are able to perform assessments and propose solutions quickly and accurately.

Offshore Delivery

In some cases, SEAL is able to provide SAP® services to our clients with only one on-site expert. In these cases, the off-shore team communicates and works with the on-site expert, to makes sure their work stream is delivered on time. Our off-shore delivery model saves our clients significant money without sacrificing on speed, flexibility or quality.

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