SAP® Consulting is all we do.

The implementation experts and subject matter experts at SEAL are 100% committed to SAP®. Our clients receive the perfect mix of on-site and offshore resources to provide the most cost-effective, high quality SAP® solutions.

We Focus on Delivering:

  • Expertise from Experience
  • Quality
  • Agility
  • Competitive Pricing

Why Choose SEAL Consulting?


Customer Success
SEAL has a long history of customer success. We support our client's business goals of market leadership and sustained growth at lower TCO.

We pride ourselves in our agility to ramp resources up or down depending on business requirements.


Dedicated Resources
We focus on delivering optimal resource utilization and flexible staffing.

We provide dedicated PMO and quality assurance. And we guarantee, every client receives the highest level of management attention. SEAL is dedicated to providing the highest value for each and every client.


Leverage Company Data
Implementing SAP® can be a massive undertaking requiring changes to many business processes across the organization. It can take some companies months or even years to fully implement SAP® software. These changes are time-consuming and sometimes painful to adopt. But when implemented correctly, they improve communication and leverage the full value of company data and information.


The Right Strategy
It is very important that the SAP® implementation process is based on the right strategy. Effectively executing the right strategy increases the likelihood of a company to implement SAP® software along with the business processes and IT Architecture to bring the highest ROI on the technology investments.


Global Reach
For this, most companies require the assistance of outside SAP® implementation experts. SEAL has many years of experience implementing SAP® for enterprises across the globe.

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