SAP® Application Management Services

Maintaining the optimal power of SAP® software requires some companies to employ in-house experts to manage their systems. Our clients rely on SEAL to implement, maintain, and operate their SAP® systems to keep their systems running at full speed and error-free at a significantly reduced cost than on-site resources..

SEAL's Application Management Services (AMS) help our clients to run their applications, and ensure the support is in place for potential breaks and fixes. When new releases are deployed, SEAL AMS also makes sure the systems are enhanced for seamless upgrade.

Some companies apply senior-level resources to implementation, but introduce entry-level employees to support their clients. At SEAL, the same senior-level team and experience level utilized for implementation is also utilized in support.

Leveraging an AMS contract allows a more streamlined approach to management of business projects, and monitoring of unique business dynamics at a lower cost than on-site resources. With SEAL managing SAP®, IT teams are free to focus on core business areas.

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